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Sunday, November 28, 2010

it is time to post your pics

of you as object. be sure to classify, label each pair. make your prints to bring to class tomorrow along with your collection and all previous works of your object. bring drawingpaper, scissors, glue etc. tracing paper would be helpful if you have some.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WASH building plumbing turned off

do NOT use bathrooms please
over thanksgiving holidays plumbing is being worked on
so if your plumbing requires relief
walk up the hill to taco bell...
please no wash building smells!

sorry i couldn't help the form of my public WASH service announcement.
sincerely, a laundry room attendant!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

can't wait to experience inflatatopia tomorrow (11-2, LSC)

Don't forget to return and neatly store all power cables, blowers, etc, after inflatatopia! Bring your camera's it will be awesome!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

You as object (representation part 2 - self portrait)

Representational Form (part 2)


Bring object and all previous photos, drawings, etc.
Bring your brand culture stuff library .
Bring camera, spare batteries, wall jack, cable to transfer images to computer.
Bring light source to class.
Bring background material.
You will need be able to print these images out both BW copies (Xerox) and actual photographs. (They can be uploaded to Walmart and for about 10 cents a copy printed).

Series (capture 10 strong images for each numbered category)
For each series consider
a. consider lighting (indoor/outdoor/spot etc)
b. consider image resolution/quality
c. consider material/background context for object (you) to be set on
d. consider all peripheral materials that might be
inadvertently captured through the lens of the camera
e. consider scale
f. consider cropping
g. consider zooming
i. consider focus/clarity/image quality
Consider a theme for the (you) object to direct you imagery you shoot.
Ie. Body hair as masculinity, body or part as container, gender, unique feature about you, specific body part or area that represents you, etc. Once you have selected a them, for example nose, then all 130 shots should be about the nose.

Shot image (you) in a way that shows off its natural (10 of each = 130)
1. whole object (all of you)
2. lines
3. shapes
4. color
5. surface texture
6. depth/space
7. rhythms or repetition
8. balance(symmetrical/asymmetrical, formal/informal)
9. dramatic lights/darks
10. closure/metaphor/symbol
11. negative space
12. positive space
13. exaggerate scale
14. object as an abstraction
15. object in motion
Print and bring to class Monday, Nov 29.
1. Color photographic prints of top 2 images from each category (walmart)
2. BW print out top 2 images for each category (may be different).
Consider how it looks BW. Enlarge on copier to 8 ½ by 11.

Post Top two images from each category on Blog

Collect a range of branded (with logo) ephemera based on popular culture that is interesting to you, such as xbox, starbucks, bands, books, movies, clothing lines, etc packaging, ads, photos (you take) of product.

Look at work by artist such as Michael-Jean Basquiat, designer Ryan McGuinness, Gustav Klimt, Egan Schliele, Ray Ogar, Keith Harring, Gonzo247, Shepard Fairy, Barbara Kruger, graffiti or other art and design sources….and many more

Sunday, November 14, 2010

tonight is the night. get your 30 images posted and labeled

don't forget your printouts and supplies for tomorrow.

WASHer sample.
object in motion (michael's artichoke)

object in motion (ashley b's plyers)
object as abstraction (alina's hairbrush)

object/shapes (dana's artichoke)

depth and space (danielle's garlic)

abstraction (edith's pineapple)

habits of work that will serve you well.

  1. Direct Engagement
  2. Self Reliance
    (learning how you learn, where your ideas come from, going and doing, knowing when to ask for help)
  3. Organized Persistence
    (test/evaluate/reflect/test alternatives)
  4. Daily Practice
  5. Appropriate Speed
    (learning to be efficient with your approach/adjusting where need be)
  6. Incremental Assistance
  7. Valuing Alternatives
    (test/evaluate/reflect/test alternatives/explore sideways ideas)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

two more things to do this weekend involving looking and thinking

1. LOOK at each your table teams blogs, specifically consider their identity essentials projects. read the text they included. consider which images are stronger and why. do you derive their intended meaning or see something else in the work as dominance? come to class with an opinion along with your print out formidentity essentials and for our represent project.

2. relative to the represent project think about why you chose the object you did? be specific? relative to that explore three descriptive wireworms your object. consider action, mood, sensory experience, purpose, metaphor...


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time to get to posting your identity essentials
see you at at promptly at 10 am

a few of your fellow WASHer's solutions
to identity essentials photo project

 Brian :: the mouth metaphor

Daniel B :: gender/masculinity/hair

Trey :: the eye

Danielle :: the body as a container (and pliable)

Hunter :: undisclosed identity essential metaphor
(he figures you're smart enough to figure it out)

 Michael :: the body as container